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Amazon Echo 10 Best Alexa Skills Features

Amazon Echo: 10 Best Alexa Skills Features Hey friends! Im Tasia and in this article I share my top 10 Amazon Echo skills and features. Amazon nearly doubled Alexas available skills in 2018, so get ready to work with her like never before. Alright, first, I promise not to say the Echos wake word anymore in this article – I know how much you guys just loved me doing that in my last Echo article.

Ill refer to her as your amazon or echo assistant. And second, this is a quick list, thatll provide you with a general overview of my favorite skills and features, so if you want more of a detailed how-to for any of these, just let me know in the comments below! First up, use Routines. This is also something you can set up with your Google Assistant and you can click here to watch a article on how to do that.

Amazon Routines let you combine a bunch of actions into one command. Your companion app will help you get started here by featuring two pre-set routines: a goodnight and a good morning routine, but you can create any type of routine you like and customize any routine with specific actions that happen upon your command. Tasia: Good morning.

Alexa: Good morning and happy old rock day. But, dont go dusting off your guitar just yet. Were talking about geology and fossils.

Number two on my list is one I use every single morning and is a good alternative if you dont use routines: I just simply as my echo to tell me whats in the news? I curated my favorite news sources for this one, so now when shes asked, I get a complete news overview every morning. Alexa: Heres your flash briefing from ABC News. Here are your latest headlines.

Coming in at number 3: control your smart home, duh. Use your echo device to control any smart home device you have connected. I do this a lot with my Nest thermostat so i dont have to stop what im doing to adjust the temperature. Tasia: Alexa, set thermostat to 67.

Alexa: The heat is set to 67. Number 4: Ask your echo assistant whats up? This is a fun one to get your assistant to tell you something new and random.

Alexa: Good afternoon, heres whats up… did you hear? A pair of lego article games are no longer available online. Number 5: stream your favourite radio station or podcast.

Your echo gives you access to a ton of radio stations and podcasts. All you have to do is ask her to play your favorite station or podcast. Bonus: did you know you can also listen to your Kindle books? Alexa: Getting the latest episode of My Favorite Murder. Here it is from TuneIn. music plays Number 6 on my list: Get even deeper with your audio controls.

The companion app allows you to further adjust the volume of any device you have. You can tweak the bass, mid, and treble. Number 7: connect your phone.

Just simply ask your assistant, connect my phone, and your Echo uses bluetooth to do so. If you havent set it up yet, just follow the prompts to easily do so. Now you can listen to your tunes from a better speaker than your smartphone. Dont forget to say: disconnect from my phone, when youre done. music playing Number 8: Audio and article calls.

This is another one that requires your phone connection. Your assistant can make calls to most mobile and landline numbers in the US, Canada and Mexico at no additional cost. Its such a better speakerphone for when I need to be hands free.

Plus if you have an echo display, youll be able to article call. Time for number 9: Notifications. Thats right, you can receive notifications via your echo device. If you have a speaker, it can light up to inform you that a package has shipped or arrived. If you have an echo display, the screen will show you the notification.

This is all set up in the settings section of your companion app. Pretty neat. Rounding out my list at number 10: use your echo device to hail a ride.

Enable the lyft or uber skill to simply ask your assistant for a ride. Youre able to ask for ride estimates and leave driver ratings too. Who knew what your Echo could do? What are some of your favorite features or skills?

Let me know in the comments below. As always, you can click right here to subscribe to my channel and right here to watch another article.Thank you so much for watching. If you liked this article, I want to know so give it a like, a share or leave a comment below.

See ya next time!

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