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ANDROID AUTO Custom AppS Hi. Good news In the latest version of Android auto AAMirror works perfectly how can you see in the pictures and if I press the button below on Android auto I also have a different wallpaper and CarStream that as you see it works perfectly I perform the entire process step by step As you can see I have the latest version of Android auto 4.7 First, I open the app I go to the settings and activate the new ui Then I press several times in the version to activate the developer settings And here in Application Mode select developer And activate the unknown sources Close the app And then we go with AAMirror I configure AAMirror settings as you can see is version 1.0 Everything you need is in the article information Then open AAPhenotype Patcher 0.85 In the list of apps select AAMirror Press PATCH and grant the root permits VERY IMPORTANT: ROOT IS NECESSARY Reboot the phone to finish the patch process Then I open the CarStream version 2.0.4 In the three points above we have the option to unlock I grant the root permission and reboot the phone to complete the process and finally the app to change the background for this we must install Substratum App Open and give root permission then you have to add a theme Sorry. Before, if we have a Xiaomi, we must activate these options in addition to USB debugging Now I am going to add a Theme For this I use the XDA Labs App and Im looking for the Substratum AA background app Download and install on the phone Then open Substratum app I already have the Theme available and now I select the images we have many available Once selected click on Collect and Activate I will add other images to be able to alternate select and click on Collect and Activat And so with all the images you want Then reboot the phone to complete the process Open Substratum App again And I already have the wallpapers available to activate I change the state to ON and as you can see they change to green We also have the Priorities option to select the first image to appear Always before connecting to the car Lets go to the car If I press the button below on Android auto I have available in the apps menu AA Mirror, CarStream and a different wallpaper than the original The first time we open AAMIrror you have to give Root permissions and then start You must also grant the permissions requested by the phone We can use the phone Launcher or AAMirrors quick access to Apps Next I will try CarStream This version has by default the dark mode and a cleaner interface CarStream 2.0.4 version We have the option of full screen and resolution change It works perfectly just some small lag between the image and the sound of the articles We also have available the option to view the files of the internal memory from this icon at the top This is what I wanted to show you, which still works in the latest version 4.7 of Android auto AAMirror, CarStream and Background AA Regards

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