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Car Buying Tips Advice – How to Shop for a Car on a Holiday Weekend Edmunds

Car Buying Tips Advice – How to Shop for a Car on a Holiday Weekend Edmunds SPEAKER: Surely, youve seen all the sales promotions. Its the Presidents Day blowout! Explosive 4th of July savings! Sizzling hot Labor Day sale!

Earth Day specials that are out of this world, man! OK. Maybe not that last one, but you know what Im talking about. With screaming deals and an extra day off work, shopping on a holiday weekend sounds like the perfect idea but theres only one problem– hundreds of other shoppers just like you are going to flood the exact same lot that youre going to go to. And what that could mean for you is a slowed-down process.

It could take longer to get a test drive. It could take longer to get your contract signed and thats going to suck some of the fun out of buying a car over the holiday weekend. The good news is it doesnt have to be like that. We have three tips to make shopping easier for you– first, get a head start at home.

Dont wait until the weekend starts. Try to research your vehicle in the days and weeks before the purchase. You can narrow down your choices by reading reviews and zeroing in on cars that meet your needs and your budget. Figure out if youre going to finance or if youre going to lease.

And if you are going to finance, get pre-approved by your bank or credit union ahead of time so you can use that as a benchmark to compare against any dealership offers youll get. Tip number two is to schedule an early test drive. If possible, get your test drive done before the weekend even starts. If your schedule doesnt allow and you have to go on the holiday weekend, schedule a test drive first thing in the morning.

These are the best ways to avoid the rush. After youve test driven the car, you dont have to buy it. You can go home and you can sleep on the idea. And if the car makes sense and if the deal makes sense, you can go back to the dealership and sign paperwork later.

And finally, avoid the holiday weekend altogether. Heres a little secret– all those amazing deals– most of them are available a few days before and a few days after the holiday itself. You can check the Edmunds Incentives and Rebates page to see if that deal will be available for you before or after the holiday weekend. Pro tip– if you dont need to take delivery immediately, consider picking up your car after the holiday weekend sale is done.

Getting your car from the dealership when its a little bit slower will allow the detail department to spend more time getting your car sparkling clean. It will also allow the person whos going to teach you how to use your new car to spend more time explaining the new tech and pointing out the new safety features of the car that you just bought. With a little bit of planning and some thoughtful strategy, you can get into your perfect car over the holiday weekend with enough time left over to enjoy your extra day off.

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