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Eugenes Guide To Every Hair Product

Eugenes Guide To Every Hair Product – Ever since I started producing and performing in online articles, audience members have been asking me to release style tutorials. I thought Id take it one step further and create a series that explores fashion, beauty, hair and skin care from a more informational, accessible and relatable level. Today, Im gonna be exploring all the different types of basic hair products that you can use at home. This is Style-ish. upbeat music Oh, hello. – Hey, Eugene whats going on? – Its a rare sight for the audience to see my hair without product, so. – This is what it looks like? – This is what it looks like. – Im David Dang, Im a hair stylist. Ive been styling Eugenes hair for six years.

I think thats the duration of our friendship so far, right? – Oh, its our hair-versary. – Yeah! – Youve also transformed two of the other try guys for the better. – I did. – If anyone can look back and remember how Zack and Ned looked in previous articles, this is the man responsible for giving them a fresh new look. – Each person has their own hair journey. Weve tried, like almost every product under the sun to get– – Every product, my hair is a whore for product. David cringing I wanna make sure that when we start doing these style articles, that this feels like something that a friend is referring to you. – Right, so were gonna do three different types of looks. – We have cool, warm and hot. You go from ease to difficulty.

Generally wetter look to dryer looks. Manually to more mechanical applications, like a blow dryer. – With your hair, its so unique, because its coarse, its textured, its definitely not fine. – Youre gonna see these products used on my type. If you have a different type of hair, theres other great articles out there to help educate about what you can do there. For the purposes of this article, I am the test hair dummy.

So, were gonna start with our first category of styles: the cool looks. So when youre doing cool looks, its all about time management. Its something thats easy, its kind of like, lets do this really quick and get out of here. With manipulation, its only gonna be manual. So that means youre either gonna use your hands, or youre just gonna use a comb. – And theyll probably end up looking a little wetter. – Wet your hair down, put one or two products in and then just go.

So were starting with the classic side part. Its a hard part, from left to right or right to left. And then youre going to be able to wet the hair down starting as a base. And the reason why you wanna wet the hair down is so that you can manipulate where your hair is gonna lie. I would not recommend using conditioner at all, because conditioner has oil in it and its gonna add more weight into your hair.

So you wanna kind of already manipulate that side part, whether you want left to right or right to left, so what I am gonna use today is a gel. – I just feel like every guy started with gel. Why did we start with gel? Maybe because it was the cheaper stuff in the aisle? – One, its the 99 cent gel. laughing – Yeah. – Bubbly and pink or kinda like cool, green. – It feel like every guy is friends with gel. – Or its a tub. I dont know why its a tub.

But usually those gels, just to let you know, have alcohol in them. Which is drying to the hair. So if you are looking in the back of an ingredient, and the first thing says alcohol, you should run. – I would grab anything that said alcohol as its first ingredient. – So, you always want to use anywhere from a dime to a quarter size. You warm up the product in your hands, and the reason why I say warming up the product, is because if the product is a paste, it is more pliable to the hair.

So you want to kinda move it really quickly through the hair while its still wet, do not let the hair dry. Once hair dries, the product soaks up right away. But once the hair is wet, it dissipates, so it spreads throughout the entire hair. So, sometimes what people do mistakenly, is they do this. – Oh, you see that all the time. – And so when they do that, whats happening is that theyre getting it just on top of the hair. Theyre not getting inside the hair. – And you want to get it at the base. – To add into your hair wardrobe is you want to add combs.

Right? This is like mans best friend. Fine tooth versus like a little bit wider. – Every guy has this comb.

David laughs Right? Were the guys who bought this comb. And then I never use it. – So when youre doing the classic side part, what I generally tell people to do, is that theyre gonna use the finer side of the comb.

With Eugene, he has a layered look. So what you want to do is kinda combine the layers together. If you look here, Eugene has a couple like fly away hairs around the hairline, you just take your comb, and you put it down, right?

Kind of like youre painting, and then youre gonna take this, and youre gonna go back. Put it more into the hair. – Oh, its just like a paintbrush. – Yeah. – So its just water, gel, and a comb. – Yeah. – Im ready to take your daughter out for dinner. funky bass music – So whats the second cool look were gonna show the audience today? – So what were gonna do is were gonna do a wet tousled look. Sounds very cool, doesnt it? Eugene scoffs No? upbeat music Usually anybody who wants that faux texture, or somebody who has textured hair and doesnt really know what to do with it because its either unruly, kinky, what not. Some of the products I like to use is something called a gel mousse.

Gel mousse is kinda for the gel aspect of the hold. And the mousse aspect for the volume. The expansion portion. – So gel mousse gives you the lift of mousse, – Right, and the hold. – But the hold of gel. – So Im using here.

So once again, what youre doing is, youre using, youre going through the entire hair, and when the hair is wet. This is called Gold Mind from Drybar, and this is one of my favorite things. Anywhere the light touches, it will kind of mirror it, and give that shadow look, it will give like the contour for the hair. – Oh, so youre Kardashian-ing my hair. – Basically. – This is our Kardashian hair product. – Yeah.

What you can do besides contouring is you can cocktail, – Its mixing product. – Yeah, mixing products together in your hand. So Ill do like three to five pumps in here. So now its shimmery. – Yeah.

That reflective and refractive light. – Yeah. – So, well put all that into the hair again. This is just gonna take a little bit more time than what we did before. Were gonna section the sides off really quickly. – Oh so the top stays loose. – Yes. – And the sides go flat. – This is correct.

Im gonna take section per section, and just tousle it. Twisting it from front to back. Okay, so this is basically what Eugene looks like when we just let it dry naturally. – It feels like your parting me right to left now. – Yeah. – So my natural part goes left to right. – Yes. – So if you part against your natural part, you actually get more volume, because your hair follicles are fighting against the way it usually lays down. – Well just take a little bit of a lighter hairspray. You can take your bottle without your hands and pull down any of the frizz. – What are you doing with the bottle? – I know, youre pulling down any of the frizz. – The bottle is both a product and a tool. – Yeah. So you can take individual strands that have already dried and give it additional texture when it dries. – My hair doesnt look straight anymore, does it? – No. – Sorry, mom. – Textured bang. – Not so straight anymore, mom. upbeat music – Okay, so now were moving into our warm hairstyles. – A combination of both manual and mechanical.

Time is going to a lot more than what you did before. Third style were gonna do on Eugene is a textured wave. With Eugenes type of hair, he has that coarse texture. He can achieve the volume, with product.

So when youre using mousse, its to kind of fill in space where there is no space. So, well use this lighter mousse to gain the body and the volume. You want to use a little bit of a sea salt spray or a texture spray inside your hair. So sea salt spray, what it does, or glaze spray, is it kinda gives that grip and grit back into the hair.

Its kinda like if you were coming out of the beach, you kind of feel like, okay, theres sand in there, you know when youre like, I cant go past a certain point. Thats exactly what it is. – So this is a mousse and sea salt spray. – And this is all prior to mechanical manipulation. – Look how fun your blow dryer is. – I know. It speaks volumes. Eugene laughs dryly – So you want to get it 60 dry before starting to use a brush into the hair. So you want to toss it back and forth.

So what Im using is a round brush. And the reason Im using a round brush is to achieve the volume. So you want to elevate as your process goes. Youre creating lines when youre sectioning. I like to break up the line by either blow drying over those lines again or putting my fingers through it, just kinda break it up.

So the mousse kind of gave you, if you can look right here in your roots, it kind of gave you that bounce. Im gonna use a light, dry, textured spray. Spray really good across.

So pomades were used to manipulate the hair and pomade is like a cross between clays and a little harder than gel. But as you can see you dont need that much. You always want to start at the back because just in case you have any of this loose pomade that you didnt warm up in your hand, it will get into the front.

Im gonna use a little bit of the mousse again. So youre using the mousse on both dry and wet hair. Youre just going in individually and texturizing the hair.

And again any fly aways, you can use hairspray. – This is the texture wave, its a warm hairstyle, so it means that we did some more work to it, but it still looks natural. How long do you think it would take for someone to do this style? – Anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. – 15 to 30. – Depending on how much hair you have. You can either blow dry the hair at night, to style and get it ready, and then you could do the texturing tomorrow morning.

For me, like cause I have finer hair, but a lot of it, I could probably take half of the time you have. – So the thinner hair you have, the shorter time you need. upbeat music – So now were going from a wave – Yeah. to a swept back. A lot of people dont think that they can pull their hair back. I wanna kind of break that down. – So were doing the swept back and we literally just made up the names for these. – Dont think that youre like looking it up, but these are things that we decided to make up.

Were gonna do left to right, right to left, kind of getting that volume back in the hair. Then were gonna use our round brush to add in the volume through manual manipulation. – So were gonna do the same hair drying thing? – Yes. Were gonna use our textured spray again. – Everyone tends to spray or apply on top of their hair. Youre getting to the roots of the hair. – Its the root of the problem. – Ah, think about it that way. David laughs Were gonna do the creme.

So a hair creme is light, so its not a pomade. Pomade is a little bit thicker, its gonna put things into place. So this is almost like frizz taming. Were not trying to achieve volume, were trying to achieve sleekness. And then this one here is our re-curl, so its a curl activator.

It gives that moisture back, that hydration back. It can also be dubbed as a creme. Im going ahead and putting the sides down, because Eugene has boxy Asian hair. So what were gonna do here is use hairspray to kind of top it all off.

So once again you can use the bottle to kinda achieve any of the sleekness that you want. Spray the comb and then you can run that through. A little creme, it takes a little more effort. The heat is there, but the heat isnt on yet.

I think it should take you honestly like 15 minutes. upbeat music – Finally now we are at the hot styles. These are things that are a little more time intensive, require more mechanical tools. – This would be something like youre going out on a date, generalizing, but a special occasion. Were gonna be using hot tools to enhance the look a lot more. I normally associate hot stylings with volume, texture, waviness…

Curled coif. – Curled coif, yeah. – So what were gonna do is, were actually gonna use mousse again. So this is called Mousse Forte by Sebastian. So this is one of my favorite mousses.

Were gonna use this all over the hair. This is a root lifter, Kenras root lifter. – So it helps your hair stand up. – Yeah, your hairs going to be erect! – Ooh. – We section the hair and we just spray it really quickly into the roots. I like to spray things quickly because the longer you take, the more youre just putting the product in one area. You need to spread that product around.

So this is actually just setting up the base for any type of hair. So with women, if they have longer hair, they love the height right here, without doing the teasing. So this is giving that same look. But now since weve turned the dial of the heat up, were gonna have to use a heat protectant.

The reason why is because once you start using the heat tools or the mechanical manipulation, such as just a blow dryer, youre using anywhere from 350 degrees to 425 degree in your hair. – Oh my God, you could bake a pie on your head. – Or a turkey. So this heat protector actually works off of 450 degrees. So you can use this on dry or wet. Just section, well go ahead and spray, section, spray, section, spray.

Use protection. – The heat protectant is a condom for your hair. And the blow dryer is a diseased dick. David laughs – So one of the things I wanted to talk about, because there are curly men out there. This is a diffuser.

You have a concentrator, which is what usually comes with a blow dryer, right? So anybody who has curly or textured or wavy hair can use this diffuser along with any of your products. And thats going to either enhance and distribute the heat and enhance the look even more in your curl.

So what I like to do is I like to use a flexible hairspray to kinda prime the hair. So a lot of people know how to do makeup, use a primer this way, its kind of like primer for the hair. I like to curl away from the face for volume purposes.

Cause gravity is not our friend, you always want to curl away from the face. What I like to do with the back is go into different directions. If the hair curls, front always goes away from the face, but the back always goes in different directions because then the curl is pushing the other curl up. So its like helping each other up.

Holding, curl-friends. – Curl-friends, wow. – So what Im doing is Im breaking up the lines kinda like what we did with blow drying, right? – Hmm mmm. – But with our hands and the flexible polymer. Once we do this, what were gonna do, is were gonna use a clay. – Clay ! Ive been waiting for this. – Yaas, clay. – Were gonna clay all day. I like to use Matt Steff because I have dark hair. So, once I put this into your hair, it kinda gives that textured tousled look. – This is the strongest hold thing were using in the article. – Yes.

The strongest of the hold as far as putty, clay, things like that. – But there really is a product for every type of hold youre looking for. upbeat music – So for our second hot look and the final style were showcasing today, were actually gonna treat it as if its the second day of styling for me. – Recommended, you should wash your hair anywhere from only 2-3 times a week. The reason why is because your scalp has an overproduction of sebum, which is oil, or natural oils. Every time you wash your hair, you get oil production the moment you dry your hair. – So we have the hair cocktail that we just used in my curl coif and its as if I just woke up the next day, I dont need to shampoo and I want to add onto it and create a new hot look. heavy metal music So, our final style, were calling… – High and dry. – Because were already so dry, not working off of wetted hair, and were just gonna show you how you can build something amazing out of Products already in there. – Nothing. – Out of nothing.

So were gonna put this all over the hair. And its okay to use on the second day too you guys. Were also gonna use hairspray to prime the hair. Just to kinda protect it. You can do it in sections, or you can do it like this. – So people can actually put hairspray in at any point during their hair process. – Yeah. – Cause most save it for the end. – You can use it on dry– – They think its like a laminate. – Were gonna start out with our curling iron. – Big thing about products is were telling you a lot of things that weve discovered and that he knows from his years of training, but youre gonna kinda come up with your own ways and methods of using these products that best serve your needs. – Right.

This is just a guide you guys. This isnt like the end all, be all. – Yeah. – Again, like no one has Eugenes hair. Okay, so, weve set your hair.

So this is kinda what it looks like when its curled, right? And were just gonna kinda comb through it. – Were going for volume guys. – Before I use teasing techniques, I always like to use the lightest form of a pomade. Yeah. – Hair powder. So its hair powder, but its almost technically a pomade. It you want to think about it, its like grated cheese.

You can either de-frizz the hair, you can volumize the roots. – Oh my God. – Its like fairy dust, its melting into the hand. So its a heat activated. – Ooh. – Im gonna section Eugenes hair out, and Ill use it just at the root. What I like to call the tease without the tease. – So how is this different from root lifting spray? – So root lifting spray is used on wet hair, right? – Ooh. – Texture sprays used on dry hair, so its spray form. – And this should be used on dry hair. – Yes. So if you see whats happening, is Im using it on sections of his hair, to kind of build that long volume.

So after you use your powder, youre gonna see this completely voluminous look. So what were using is manual manipulation. So were using a comb and were just gonna go through his hair at the root and just kind of lightly tease it. After we finish teasing, were going to do a bolt spray. A high hold spray.

So again, I spray the comb, just to get some of the fly aways down, cause pictures are forever. Dont go straight directly into the hair, kind of stay back. Cause if youre doing it straight into the hair, youre pretty much gonna get one spot thats going to be lacquered all the way. We wanna go with a shine look. So I use Camera Shine spray.

I really, truly like this. – Yeah, cause you used the Gold Mine shine creme in the second look. – Yeah, with the mirrored technology. – So this is the same thing, just in a spray. – The reason why Im choosing to use a spray, you can probably see it transform on camera already, is so that we can show how fast it changes with just like a couple shots. Again, this not a look probably youre gonna rock every day, but this is just another option for a second day look. – Yeah, great. – Voila. upbeat music – So what do you want to say to people out there who are interested in starting their hair journey? – Dont be shy to do any type of research. So just type in hairstyles for fine hair. Hair styles for round faces, right? What I also recommend is someone you trust, who is gonna guide you through your hair journey.

If youre going to go to a hair stylist, interview them like theyre interviewing you. And then start out with the basic tools. – And just remember that everyone is on their own unique hair journey and this is just for us to give you a guide. – Very basic. – A guide to become more stylish. upbeat dance music -Ha ha, just having a great time!

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