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Heres Why the BlueDriver OBD2 is the Best Scan Tool in the World

Heres Why the BlueDriver OBD2 is the Best Scan Tool in the World Rev up Your Engines! Today Im going to show you how you can fix your car with your phone, and Im not talking about calling up your mechanic to come fix it either, even the cat wants to know whats going on, Im talking about using one of these wireless communication devices, to analyze problems in your car, in this case, its called a Blue Driver, now theres tons of these little OBD readers out there, my advice, dont buy the $10 or $20 ones, they dont do much, this particular one is $90 and it does a whole bunch of stuff, as Im going to show you, you just plug it in the data port, right here, you can see its on, its blue now, then start the car, then you can access all kinds of information, in this case we are going to read codes, we have all kinds of choices, in this case, we are going to do the whole system, and in this case there is no codes, I know that because this is my car, but if there were codes, you can also clear them after your fix it, and it automatically clears codes, and if there were codes, it will show you the freeze frame data, it will tell you with smog check whether it will pass the emissions test or not, and as it says here, you passed the test and you can get your vehicle smog checked now, and it even does mode 6 data, which is very complex data on your car, to find out if you have a weird problem, you can pinpoint it this way, and as you can see here, they are all check green, if you go through them all and they are all green then, they are all fine, if there is a problem in the system, it wont be green anymore, it will be yellow or red, and then you know to check that system, and perhaps the coolest is vehicle information, check this out, it gets your VIN number it check through your car, it can tell you if there is any recalls, and in this case there is three, one for air bags, one for engine, and one for equipment, it shows that there is a recall for the main computer, so if you ever have a problem with the main computer on this vehicle, Toyota has to replace it for free, now you know, it even includes service bulletins, look at this, it shows you known problems that we mechanics know all about, and that is a lot of information thats really in depth, that anybody might want to know if your going to fix your own car, these Blue Driver guys are serious, they are always updating their information, its worth the $90, you buy a $10 or $20 one, you get a little bit of information, but nothing like this, so now you know how to use your phone to fix your car, just dont try using it as a screwdriver! more quick fixes on the Scotty Kilmer Channel.

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