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HOW TO USE SOCAR MALAYSIA RENT CAR WITH APP ENGLISH SUBS Arif: Today we are going to explore Arif: where are we now? were still in KL now next to Setia Sky Residence today we want to give you some news theres an app called SOCAR in KL so, if you want to travel around KL but have no car no need to worry, like us because we can rent it just by using an app Arif: just to let you know, Arif: SOCAR app comes from Korea Arif: and it is new, launch in KL Arif: its the rival of GOCAR app in Malaysia in Malaysia, GOCAR is an app to rent the car as well almost the same like SOCAR but the different is probably GOCAR is per day SOCAR is per hour can be for a day, but hourly rate anything else about SOCAR, Arif? Arif: yeah, its the same like what Ditas said Arif: SOCAR, we can choose per hour to rent Arif: so the price will be different based on hours Arif: per day will be cheaper, Arif: but if we only need for few hours, Arif: why should we rent for a day? : Lets see our car to rent! Arif: were lucky to get the good car, Corolla Altis its written SOCAR here how to open the door? follow us dont forget to subscribe and likes if you guys like the article anyway, you need to wait for 24 hours for your driving license to be approved you will get a notification your license approved by telephone number you registered only if its approved, then you can start to rent with SOCAR choose the nearest zone from your place payment needs to be done by using debitcredit card in Malaysia, can use debit card if you have no debit card issued from malaysia, then credit card should work how you can see, where tha car parked how to open the door use your phone make sure your phone have internet connection follow my tap we need to take pictures Arif: so we need to take pictures side by side of the car based on requirement of SOCAR Arif: left, right, front and back Arif: i guess its to check if theres any scratches before and after we use it car inspections is for the end after we use it how to start the engine Arif: so they provided the card to fulfill the petrol this is the card to fuel the petrol, so Petronas is the gas station make sure the petrol is more than 50 before we end the trip where are we going? stay tune! lil bit information how to register SOCAR give the passport picture and selfie together with your driving license like this wait for 24 hours to be approved they will give approval notification by telephone number you registered then, you can start to rent with SOCAR payment only with debitcredit card different between GOCAR and SOCAR …

GOCAR rent not together with petrol need to fuel by our-own SOCAR, rent price included the petrol this car is about RM 15hour, i think so total payment is RM 75 oops, RM 85 discount RM 20, so we pay RM 65 for 5hours ready to lock the car? thats how we lock, too shining, hope you can see it lock, make sure its lock nothing left in the car, yess? Thank you for following us dont forget to like, subscribe Arif: also share and.. Arif: dont forget to throw your trash, dont leave it in the car

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