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Hi, welcome back to my channel Today am going to show you how to book a self rent a car from your mobile from indusGO APP So let us see how it is done Install INDUS GO App from Play store or App store Take the app and pick your city from where you need the car pick up car city ampamp drop back car city at present they are only in Kerala state this are the cities from where you can drop or pick the car CITY – Calicut, Cochin, Kannur, Palakkad, Thrisure Tirur and Trivandrum They also have a option for Car home delivery to your doorstep ones you select the city you can see the car pick up locations across the city you can select the nearest location for you to take the car for door delivery they have extra charges so you can see i had selected both locations pick up the car and drop back the car location next add the date ampamp time i just need it for some hours but to get more KM i will expand my time limit so i am picking time from morning to evening Because its better to take the KM limit and pay in advance if the trip is shorter adjust the time ampamp check what KM is offered and select the options and see types of the car listed for each type car additional KM Is charged in different rat better to take the KM frame shown and required paying up for extra KM for short drives are loss they will show 3 KM ranges with different cost also with fuel and without fuel options are available with cost difference they have got cars from small brand to Mercedes E class in Kochi City They have lot of Maruthi Suzuki cars Mostly all cars are top end models Indus Motors are also Maruthi Suzuki car Dealers across Kerala state they also have cars from Honda, Mahindra, Toyota Am booking car from them for the 4th time from 2 cities I had also used cars from Zoom Car too so i feel better with indusGO if comparing both Specifically, when they give you the car the car is so well cleaned and neat i had only see it from IndusGO That is a very pleasant thing also they have a great customer service if you have any doubts or issues you can relay with their customer care service even you can book your car with customer care such options are available too they have a very polite staffs i am very much impressed with their service I booked Swift car – Petrol Auto Transmission I only have a 100km need so i picked up a km range depending on the same so i adjusted the time for the same now you can see here the details Km range and Cost we need to pay additional Rs.5000- as caution deposit if you have any promotional code enter here for discount by mistake i entered a wrong code so i didnt get any discount make the payment within the time frame given its so easy like booking a movie ticket online you will get a OTP in your registered mobile number enter the OTP here add verify the same enter your payment Card details here if paying via debit or credit cards my online payment is getting done ones your enter your card details it will got to your bank page so my payment is success also you will get a booking confirmation SMS SMS will have details like Booking ID etc Also you will get an email for the same too even after the trip end you will get SMS details of trip like KM driven and cost break up summary etc Rs.5000- caution deposit will be refunded to you within 1-2 bank working days Only for Credit card it will take some more days depends on your type of credit card bank well i got by 3 days mandatory procedures before taking the car car damage inspections etc you have to check along with them and note down and sign the paper before before taking the car also they will give you car documents copy stepney tyre and tools checking body damage or color damage see here is a scratch scratch on the door everything should be marked on that yellow paper before signing it Taking photo of my driving license Taking photo of my other Govt. ID card He is briefing me the details inspection paper signing Car documents giving me the car key also check fuel Level and present Km before you go take a photo and keep it with you the car is GPS enabled but am taking the photo of the console with details to verify the details to check later on if needed its a automatic car its a top end model car i hope now you know how to book a car from IndusGO using a mobile app send your feedbacks in comments like our article if you liked it and please subscribe and share hit the bell icon for notifications see you next time take care and bye for now

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