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Land Rover LR4 InControl Apps Land Rover USA

Land Rover LR4 InControl Apps Land Rover USA Land Rover InControl Apps enable you to use vehicle-optimized smartphone applications on your Land Rover LR4 touchscreen, delivering a host of connectivity features. In this article, well show you how to connect your smartphone and make the most of this innovative feature. In order to make use of the InControl Apps feature, youll first need to download and install InControl Apps to your smartphone.

To ensure your smartphone is supported, check the compatibility section of the InControl Apps page at the Visit the Apple App Store for iPhone or the Google Play Store for Android handsets and search for Land Rover InControl Apps. Install and open the app and a QuickStart guide will provide a brief overview of the feature. You must complete this guide and accept the user agreements before youll be able to connect your handset to your vehicle.

Once complete, this guide can be located again through the menu in the app. In order to stream audio from your smartphone, youll need to pair your device to your vehicles Bluetooth system. Connect your smartphone to the InControl Apps USB port, using the USB cable supplied with your handset. If InControl Apps is not already open on your smartphone, a prompt will be displayed on your handset to enable the connection.

On Android devices you can check a box to prevent the prompt from showing again on future connections. Next, press the InControl Apps soft key on the touchscreen. Once connected, if your smartphone is not already the current audio source, youll see two options view and view and listen.

Select view if you wish to view and use apps on the touchscreen. Select view and listen if you also wish to change the current audio source to InControl Apps. You will be presented with the InControl Apps home screen, where all compatible apps installed on your smartphone will be displayed.

The icon on the left can be pressed at any time to return to this screen. A suite of apps are provided by default to interact with content from your device. These include calendar, contacts, and music. There are a number of useful third-party apps which can be installed to enhance your experience of the InControl system and these will grow as more apps become supported over time. InControl Apps shows you all of the supported third-party apps available to use with the system.

Open InControl Apps on your smartphone and, above the list of currently installed apps, you will see a section of apps entitled not installed apps. Scroll through the list and select the app you would like to install. Youll be redirected to the relevant page on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Follow the on-screen instructions to install the app to your smartphone once installed, open the app on your handset and accept all the necessary permissions or create any relevant accounts as prompted. Your chosen app will automatically appear on the InControl Apps page on the vehicles touch screen when you next connect your smartphone. For further information, visit the InControl Apps page on the Land Rover website where you can find more information and a frequently asked questions section.

For more information on your Land Rover LR4, please refer to your owners manual, the website, or your local retailer.

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