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Tik Tok – Musically article Kaise Banaye – How to Make article

Tik Tok – Musically article Kaise Banaye – How to Make article Hello Friends Tik Tok is Really famous these days You would have watched some articles on facebook, Whatsapp and other social media places A lot of people have been making millions of articles on this platform If you are also interested in making Tik Tok articles And you would want to use tik tok app So lets see how to make tik tok articles in this short article If you watch this whole article, you would understand this This is best app for making short articles You can enjoy others articles and make your own articles at the same time If you like the article then please hit the LIKE button I am Shahid and you are watching Tech Stories I assume that you have already installed this application So lets open it Now that we are inside the Tik Tok App Go to your profile and login first If you dont have an account, making new account is really easy You can sign up with GMAIL You can also connect it to your facebook You can also use your mobile number and some other options Now lets go to home You may see PLUS button on the bottom here This RED colored sign is for adding your own article to Tik Tok You can click it to make your own article You can see that the selfie camera is ON and viewfinder is working Front Camera is now working to make article First of all you have to select your sound from tik tok SELECT SOUND option You can see a lot of sounds here You can browse them or search You can even click more and find a long list here you can even play the sounds before adding them to your article So I am going to select this song Now click on the Shoot with Sound option Now it will tell you that you can make a 15 second long article You can also select the speed of the article from here Or you can continue with the normal speed here You can also trim the sound from here You can also set that from where your sound must start while making the article One the Right Side, first option is to toggle Back and Front Camera You can also upload a article from your gallery to tik tok app you can even upload longer article You can also select another sound for your uploaded article If you want to record your article live from here You can find a recording button on the bottom You can also select from a large number of effects Every season or festival brings different types of effects here These effects are AR powered You can also frind filters option to change the overall look of your article You may be surprised to find huge variety of filters You can even make it Black ampamp White You can scroll through or swipe to change the filters Your articles will look more high quality with some of the filters You are now ready to make a tik tok article Now click on the article Camera button on the bottom Now you have 15 seconds to say a lot to your audience Your selected sound will now play simultaneously with the article You can dance, tell jokes, use effects or do whatever you want to do I hope you are now ready to make tik tok article I hope you get millions of fans over tik tok app

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