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Volkswagen CAR NET Mobile APP Review

Volkswagen CAR NET Mobile APP Review hey guys today I want to show you something the Car Net application and how its work so first time you have to connect you have to open the Internet and then you have to connect to to the car application also I can volkswagen car net this is the application and sometimes it works sometimes its not but today its working and I want to show you something that can be useful so after you login and you make an account with your car then they will actually display this screen is the first screen and it will show you actually where is the car in this moment and you can find out more information here about the the road you can tape your work your home you can see for example you can type place here for example where you want to go and you know for example person on Spain you put here and then you choose to drive and you choose the name of the destination where you want to send to the car and this trip will be sent to your car actually if you have to wait a second we have to open that first so they will have to actually know worst location so now for example we will tell you how many kilometers and more you information here so you present and that will be sending the car to the GPS and when you go to the car you will actually have to Road directly to Barcelona so you will know he will dont have to tape in again when you go in the car okay anyway then the most important things here in the left side you have the car information right now it has zero kilometer charge the battery and 180 generator this is the gasoline how much gasoline you have inside the car right now and here with the yellow Ill show you that its no power source when you have the cable in the car but the cable doesnt have electricity or or the other side of a cable is not inside electricity is talk then it will be like yellow and you say no power but when you put it in an electricity its working and it will show you here that its power and you will show you how many right here when they start charging it will say how many minute is take to the cart via a full charge and then from here you can start the climate in the Caracara start of window further you can see here so much more option for example driving data you can see in the last day for example today how many time you drive home in kilometer how much was the consumption of the battery how much was the consumption of the gas if you drive in Hybrid mode they will show you the boat and yesterday for example we drive for what kilometer 21-minute and they were that was a consumption 8.9 kilowatt per hundred kilometer so not bad actually really good and then you can see here from yesterday you can see from back time how many kilometer you drive how much was the first assumption and you can see like this so many days before here was more kilometer so you can see here actually consumption and if you wanna see for long long run for example extend period so lets see so extent value at the last 449 kilometer we was consumed only eleven point three kilowatt at 100 kilometer and 1.9 liter gasoline so its actually very good consumption and then here we have another 375 kilometer and the consumption its almost the same and thats so important here five thousand eighty nine kilometer and the consumption its a 5.3 liter per hundred percent and three point five point four kilowatts per hundred kilometer so actually the consumption its not very bad its great so you have here all kind of information about the car and you can actually put here how many two kilometer have the car how many days until the next service when you have to change the oil and so many other information so thats great okay so that simple its not so complicated its easy here you can open the light and all this stuff that you can chase here we can put some boundaries alerts for example some someone take your car and they go from the area that you put it here and it will alert you like the car alert you for example you can see here I have a alert that the car is not more charging because the cable was off and it will show you on the phone when someone take out the cable or the electricity is not working anymore so you can see it right there anyway that was a article I hope it helps subscribe like and if you want to see more article or you have questions you can ask so bye guys

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