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Waze vs Google Maps – Comparison of Two Apps from Google 2020

Hi guys, and in this article we are going to compare Waze versus Google Maps. Well, there are so many people looking for a real comparison of Waze vs Google Maps. So here it is. Now if you want to compare app features then please check out my blog post by clicking on the card or clicking on the link in the description below. Both apps are owned by Google but a AI both apps used to detect the traffic flow, get the routes, and reroute is different also what apps support different features and in this comparison I am going to put on 20 minutes for location and we will see how both apps find the perfect route so lets begin.

In the start both apps started working we can see the speed of the car in Waze which is a cool feature now this time the traffic is heavy because we are driving at one of the busiest times and which will of course give us an opportunity to see the traffic reporting in both apps. The good thing to consider here is both are giving me the same route as we can see we have 18 minutes travel time in Waze while 17 minutes in Google Maps there is a difference of two hundred meters in the distance in one minute of difference in travel time. Looking at the maps I can say Google Maps is bit more accurate than Waze in terms of traffic reporting. Google Maps also shows the different routes with difference in arrival time which Waze does not now we have the time difference of two minutes and distance difference of 300 meters the good thing about Waze is that the app is community based where users can update the fuel prices the problem though is it is just a feature so the fuel prices at some stations might be older. Google Maps on the other hand tries to provide as much information about the route as possible.

It shows the number of lines and which line should the rider choose it sometimes help when there are instance intersections. As I said Waze is community based it supports features like safety camera, police, crash, fuel prices, heavy traffic etc. It also depends on the users points on how fast the information is processed. The more the information user sends the more points the user gets. The user can also increase the points by editing the map on Waze website.

Anyway we have ten minutes in both the apps and still there is a difference of two hundred meters and two minutes. Now here Waze is asking me to keep going straight while Google Maps is asking to turn left. As we can see wheres route is 200 meters shorter and Google Maps is suggesting that ETA is the same so, we will follow Waze here.

From here, most of the route is the same and the distance is equal. We have seven minutes in Waze and six minutes in Google Maps. The thing to consider here is Waze things that Im already on Walkerville Terrace while Google suggests to turn left in 40 meters. I dont know if it makes any difference its just the way both apps work. Anyway we will turn right on Stephen Terrace and we will be very close to our destination.

Now here I will change the route a bit to see the speed on both apps reroute. Now the problem with this is it most of the time selects a zigzag route. We can go straight and then turn right but its suggested to cross roundabouts and then get there which sometimes might take longer time.

Anyway we are here and when we started the arrival time was and right now its . Which means five minutes late both apps are great but Both apps cannot handle the fast-flowing traffic. I hope the comparison helped and let me know what do you guys think of both apps in the comments below and if you want the full comparison you can click on the link in the description below to go to my blog post. Thank you.

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